Our team in collaboration with a daughter company of government organisation Rosatom has developed a working prototype of a VR trainer for controlling a nuclear reactor, aimed at advanced training of the specialists in conditions close to real life.
Instantly receive and manage information in virtual reality and real time. Virtual screens show real time information (delay between server and the trainer is 100 msec) indistinguishable from real world scenarios. The entire prototype was built under a PC with a connected VR kit — HTC VIVE.
The project is developed using Unity engine utilizing VR headset HTC VIVE along with its controllers, allowing quick access to information and its quick analysis resulting in low response time, which is crucial in critical situations.
«With the transition of the entire Front-end to the VR platform, we got the necessary freedom and additional amount of output data for more operational control of the processes occurring inside the nuclear reactor in real time, and this is very important for the safety of the reactor itself.»
Vadim Podolny
Deputy General Director at FIZPRIBOR Moscow Plant